Are angel oracle cards the same as tarot cards?

Are angel oracle cards the same as tarot cards?
I heard tarot cards are apart of the occult, but what about angel guidance cards, are these part of the occult aswell?

Suggestion by Lightning

Are you sh!tting me? I’m going to go google that now.

Suggestion by Scarlet MacBlu
“Occult” just means “hidden knowledge”… it means that it is mysteries that can’t be fully explained in words and need to be discovered by contemplation and experience. It’s not dangerous or scary.

Angel oracle cards are similar to other “oracle” decks… an oracle deck is different then tarot decks in that they consist of irregular numbers of cards and don’t corrospond to an established system of suits. Tarot decks are all created around the same format of 78 cards (22 “major arcana” and four additional numbered suits). Oracle decks usually have any number of cards from just a few to hundreds and each follows their own unique system.

Oracle cards, like tarot cards, can be used for divination (guessing the future or making prophesies) or for brainstorming etc. Oracles and prophets have long been sought out by people of all religions and walks of life.

Suggestion by Rev. Lynn D.
First of all, occult in not a bad word and Tarot Cards are not to be feared. They have helped many people with problems to find a better path.

Angel cards or any other cards of this type are the same. The bring the same result in a slightly different way. They are nothing to be afraid of either.

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What Magic the Gathering cards are good to make an angel deck faster?
I have Angels like Akroma angel of wrath, Akroma Angel of Fury, Iona Shield of Emeria, Reya Dawnbringer, Admonition Angel, Platinum Angel, 3 baneslayer angels, and a bunch of others. Lots of high mana cost stuff. i have a red and white angel deck with cards like thran dynamo, obelisk of naya, and everflowing chalice. What other cards can i add to make the deck run a little bit faster?

Suggestion by MagicianTrent
Pyretic Ritual (since most angels have at least 2 colorless in their cost)
Knight of the White Orchid (works very well with the Borderposts from Alara Block)
Kor Cartographer

Suggestion by Alteffor
I like 8-post with angels for faster mana. It’s colourless but most mana you need for angels doesn’t need to be white, and you can cover the white costs with Plains.

8-Post consists of 4 Cloudposts and 4 Vesuvas. Each of which will tap for the amount of them on the batlefield (so, if you have 2 cloudposts, they tap for 4 altogther, with 3 cloudposts they tap for nine total).

That said, in deck that run higher to cast, more brutal creatures, you should be running it in more of a control shell, to stop aggressive creatures from destroying you too fast to mount a threat of your own. White is not missing any amount of field wipe effects, I’ll link some in my source. You should wipe the field of your opponents creature to keep yourself alive while you look to create your own threats. Alternatively, you could use Ghostly Pison type effects to stop your opponents from being too agressive.

Suggestion by Ilovemevol1
sol ring
artifact 1
T: add to to your mana pool.

serra acolyte (i think) WW
Flying Vigilance
3/3 but you cant play it for the first three turns of the game

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2 Responses to Are angel oracle cards the same as tarot cards?

  1. WARREN April 21, 2012 at 9:49 am #

    Angel and Oracle cards are a lot easier to use than Tarot cards and some people prefer them as a result. Tarot cards are made up of two groups of cards, The Minor and Major Arcana. Where as Angel and Oracle decks generally follow a theme. Really its all down to individual choice as to which one you prefer.

  2. Dungleadun April 21, 2012 at 9:34 am #

    Tarot Cards were called “The Devils Picture Book”, by the religious hierarchies to discourage ownership and use of the cards for divination, the Angel cards were probably introduced as souvenirs of Holy places where they did not have a saint or they were complimentary to one.
    In France they play a game called Tarot which uses 78 cards, but does not have the pictures or arcana.

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