Can anyone read my tarot reading to me (10 card layout)?

Can anyone read my tarot reading to me (10 card layout)?
So I have a 10 card lay out……..

Middle card: 1 of wands (fallow your dreams)
Card above middle: 10 of cups (blessed loved life)
Left of middle card: The star (hope, inspiration, nature)
Card below middle:8 of wands (swift decisions)
Card 2 the right of middle:10 of swords (healing second chance)

4 cards going down to the right
1: 6 swords (cautious progress)
2: Chance (release the past)
3: 4 of swords (retreat. recover)
4 1 of coin (new career moves)

The card thats lays over middle : the sun (awards, camaraderie, affection)

Suggestion by WOOZY
that’s silly bro why do you let a bunch of cards tell your life. Just fill it in by yourself more fun

Suggestion by madratfm
You’ve told us the meanings of the cards, so put them together and you have your reading.
Look round here, someone might know:

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can i use a Tarot layout?
I have Oracle cards. they are similar to tarot cards. online i can only find tarot card spreads, cas i use these spread with my oracle cards?

Suggestion by Val
Yes sweetie, what ever works best for you. The format and the material used does not matter.

Practicing Shaman,.. quantum physics rocks.

Suggestion by Gypsy
Yes. I don’t use Tarot cards (they just don’t appeal to me), I use an animal oracle deck and I use the Celtic Cross spread.

Suggestion by Silver
You can definitely use tarot spreads for oracle cards. A spread, or layout is just a way of arranging the cards in a cohesive manner. If you’re looking for some more information on cards or spreads, check out this site that I found: It’s got tons of information.

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  1. SadharaSatguru says


    Many do & of course you can create your own layouts!


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