Love Tarot reading?

Love Tarot reading?
I asked the tarot cards online if me and my boyfriend of 2 years will reunite. he has told me we might, it is not a yes and it is not a no…we both love eachother but our trust has been hurt…I want to know if we will get back together and work things out. Here are the cards for my answer…

Three of cups, Knight of Wands, Queen of Wands.

Suggestion by D
im not a expert but i think thats a good sign with the wands

Suggestion by astral_lds
For a Tarot reading to be as accurates as posssible it needs to be done in person.

Suggestion by alivia_ccs
i noe hw 2 read tarot maybe tis can help u
three of cup- there will be chance 4 u all 2 reunite(good sign)
Knight of wands-there will be change within your relationship
Queen of wands-maybe u all will be together

ermm i suggest u ask the major arcana tarot cards cause they will tell u the ans ….
the minor arcana tarot cards which you are askin were onli part of the answer…

hope this may helps you…

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love tarot reading

tarot love reading pls if there is anyone here to help?
hi going through a confusing time with a guy lately who loves me but is not ready to commit yet. is there a future for us?
my dob 21/5/1984
his dob 19/9/1981

Suggestion by AlyshaMarie
I did a building relationships spread for you two. I’m new to tarot so I’m not saying this is accurate, but I wanted to give it a try and get some practice.
Card 1 (What she sees in this relationship): The Star
– In this relationship you want success and happiness. You want to see a great potential in this relationship. You feel as if you are ‘tending your garden’ well, and want to see nurturing results.
Card 2 (What he sees in this relationship): The Four of Cups
– This card usually means boredom. A vague sense of monotony may be creeping into the relationship. He may be in a transient phase when excitement wears off and the relationship either deepens or dissolves.
Card 3 (Are desires and needs compatible?): Reversed Eight of Swords
– This relationship may cause you to lose perspective and blame yourself for events that have happened. This could trap you in a cycle of guilt. You may start to worry too much, causing you to lose energy that you could keep by relaxing.


I hope this is slightly accurate, and that you resolve your problems. Thanks for the practice!

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  1. healedwounds31490 says

    if all cards are right side up then this is what it means
    three of cups- kinda of a gathering one may say a party in this case it does mean that you guys will reunite

    and the king of wands and queen wands could simplly be him and you. This is probably a good sign. it shows you that you guys still have a future together.

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