Q&A: What are some really good free horoscope sites.?

What are some really good free horoscope sites.?
I’d like to find a web site that does FREE horoscopes, palm readings, tarot readings, astrological love matches and all that good stuff thanx.

And please dont say “Why cant people just pay for what they want” or “Nothing in life is free” because I know but I’m what wealthy people would call “poor”.

Suggestion by Nancy8507
hope this helps=)

Suggestion by Catsoul
http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/ –> tarot site

http://www.tarotforum.net/ –> tarot forum (really informative)

http://www.astro.com/horoscopes/ahor.asp (offers the best free personalized readings online, birth charts, compatibility charts and many more)

http://www.astro-software.com/cgi-bin/astro/comp2f (free compatibility reports)

http://www.bobmarksastrologer.com/TOClessons.htm (astrology lessons)

http://www.astrotheme.fr/en/celebrites/ (has thousands of celebrity astrology charts )

Suggestion by Jay Blu
astrology at ivillige.com

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tarot readers: do you think not wanting to give free readings is selfish..or a sign from your subsconsious?
I am an amateur reader, who would never go pro. I believe my gift is a gift from God that should be shared with others. However, nothing irks me more than when someone I dont know asks me for a reading about their love life, money issues, ect. To do a quality reading takes time and I feel, that unless you know the person well, it is rude to ask for a reading. unless you are facing an issue so distressing that your physical/ mental well being is in serious jeopardy, i feel that you should wait for a reading to be offered. it also bothers me when people I read for encourage their friends to ask me for readings, too. I realize that people are amazed but It makes me feel as if they view me as a magician and my gift as a card trick.

I feel that my feelings are a sign from my Higher Self that it does not want to be exploited. However, a lot of tarot dont seem to mind giving readings, so maybe that just me being selfish with my gift? what do you think?
* I meant to say,” a lot of tarot readers dont mind giving free readings…”
yes, i am on a “high horse.” I very much believe in my talent or I wouldnt give readings.

Suggestion by Frou Frou
everyone deserves to get paid for their jobs
no matter what they are
we all have bills
for some its their only income
thats not selfish
thats just life
so if you at any time want to be paid, dont be afraid to start charing, free doenst pay the bills
the higher ones, be it god or whoever, that gave you this gift are fully ware of society and its rules

people NEED you and seek your advice when they have bad times etc
you are like a guidance, THAT is your gift
not tarot reading
but helping people
it can be a stress when you feel thats all you do,that all they come to you for
alas thats the life of an advisor


you were given the gift to help those who need help
this is what you are good at, this is why they come to you

think of yourself like a councillor, but one with answers
tarot isnt just a little game
people come to you in need, sometimes desperate need, of help, advice, knowing something good to keep them going

they are amazed because you are actually helping them, they dont get it often, soemoen with the answers they need or want to hear

you are not being exploited nor exploiting your gift
because your gift is to listen, to hear, to know, to give
and thats what you do


you are being looked to by those who refer you, and those who come to you from referrals, as a person who can help them, advice them
and its not a bad thing
you are able to do something they not only dont understand, but could never see themselves doing

it is amazing, and yes like all things that are not understood,and seem beyond their reach it is soemthing they want to view, be a part of etc

but its not a bad thing

they are not using you or laughing at you or anything else
but appreciating you and what you can give
some will go away negatively, some will not
your concern, is that those who go positively, you have made their lives that bit better, possibly substantially, and given them some hope
and thats what you are here to do, not just give reading, but to give hope, good news, truth, answers and advice

Suggestion by Fluffy
I used to do readings too and went through that exact same thing. I eventually just made sure to “not have my cards with me” or make up some excuse, or just tell people you can only do them when the spirit moves you, not just whenever they want. Just be firm about it or you’ll end up resenting everyone and maybe even losing your gift. Maybe this is why some people charge for readings. To keep people from just stopping by all the time and demanding a reading.

Suggestion by Nyssa
I think you should just tell people to buzz off if they want to get a reading and you don’t feel like it.

Also, you’re on a bit of a high horse there. Perhaps, if you believe so strongly that you have been given a gift from god, you should practice some saintly qualities and have some humility.

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  1. Phoenix: Princess of Darkness says

    It just sounds like you have a specific way that you have to go about giving readings and this intrusion from random people disrupts your mojo, so to speak.

    Just explain the rules to your friends and they’ll stop with the novelty referrals.

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  2. love says


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  3. Kablina says

    I won’t say that, but ill have to agree that horoscopes and tarot readings are phony- only God is real…not horoscopes.

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