Reading a regular deck of playing cards?

Reading a regular deck of playing cards?
i learned something last year, using a deck of playing cards to read someone’s fortune. i know you spell out the name of the person with all the cards. say their name was Rebecca, you would lay down 7 cards, and then just keep adding cards onto the those seven. after you run out of cards, the last card you placed down, you move to the pile of cards beside it, and continue the same pattern, until you finally have a full deck of cards again.
the part i’m having trouble with is the meaning of each card. so far this is all that i remember.
3-missing you
4-thinking of you
5-bad news
7-see you soon
Queen-Another woman

does anyone know the rest of the meanings?

Suggestion by Barrie
I learned it with a 36 card deck and that’s how they do it here. The meanings are there too.

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Witches- what else should my book of shadows include?
I’ve added a complete list of herbs and their uses, incenses and their properties, moon phases, days of the week to cast spells, candle colors and meanings, how to cast a circle, the meaning of tarot cards when using playing cards, and some spells. I plan on adding a section on crystals and stones as well as essential oils. Anything else I should include?

Suggestion by SF
How about blood? Or animal/insect parts? I heard that witches use things like lizard tails, etc. for their concoctions.

Suggestion by Donterius J
It sound like you have just about everything I have in my own book of shadows. I’d say you have everything.

Suggestion by Dear Juliet…
my grandparents are are into this stuff as well as me, we try to create our own spells (and try not to make them corny) but its good to create your own. also add in things about the moon (which phase is when) add the horoscopes as well. those can be very inportant. Also try to find the ruin language. It will come in handy for things…my granpa has this book of witch craft that has everything you every wanted to know. It includes that stuff. I also have ruin cards and those are really amazing. so try those to.
good luck with your book of shadows.

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  1. L.a.y.l.a.h says

    You mean magickal diary?
    It seems you are missing things related to Kabbalah. I’ve found kabbalah and correspondences to help a lot.

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  2. Lauren says

    How about types of techniques used in spell casting?
    -Cord magic
    -pendulum techniques
    Also, you could include definitions of different pagan faiths and what they practice :)

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