What does the Devil tarot card means in the outcome position?

What does the Devil tarot card means in the outcome position?
I’ve been recurrently getting the Devil card in the outcome position, everytime I ask the tarot about my professional future. What could it mean?

Suggestion by Vanessa
It means that you aren’t shuffling your deck properly.

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Suggestion by FiddleSticksandRice
Are you stupid? A deck of cards isn’t gonna tell you your future. Jesus Christ, everyone’s dumb these days…

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Help with this tarot card meaning?
I had this Soul Mate tarot reading done a year or so ago. I saved it, and I still haven’t found a relationship so I was looked at it again. I’m confused about what Strength is suppose to mean in this case. It came up in the “In what situation will you meet your soul mate” part, I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to meet my soul mate with my stenghts? Here’s what they told me for the card, can anyone give me so more insight?

“Card two: In what situation will I/You meet my/your soul mate?: Literally, the Strength card represents strength, courage and determination – trusting your own abilities. Your strength comes from within (she is the female archetype of internal power. It also represents compassion. In a reading this card represents the seeker’s need for these use attributes. It’s intellect and reason coupled with enthusiasm and energy. You can deal with whatever life throws at you. Overcoming an obstacle. Seizing control of your destiny.

It is a time for being constructive, not destructive. It is a time for discipline and listening to your inner voice for direction. Understanding the consequences to your actions.

It can also speak of the awareness of temptations and the ability to overcome them. ”

Suggestion by 77
Dunno wish i understood tarot/numerology/palm reading

Gemini sun, Scorpio moon

Suggestion by pieter U3
The way I would interpret that card in that placing is as follows:
It suggests to me that once you show “strength” you will be ready to meet your soul mate. You currently lack such strength as demonstrated by your need to clarify your reading. Once you gain more self-confidence and are stronger within yourself and more capable to handle yourself in the real world, you will be more ready to deal with mature relationships. At this stage I feel you may be too needy or too insecure and therefore “too keen” to meet that special person. You cannot enter into a solid relationship with someone who will play such an important part in your life while you live in uncertainty and with doubt and longing colouring everything you do and feel.

My advice would be to forget about meeting that special person at this time and concentrate on becoming a more balanced and self-reliant person who is confident and happy to be themselves. You can only ever be available to meet someone. You can not force it or make someone come to you. That happens in itself – automatically, but you must be ready, not all desperate and exuding need. Put it out of your mind and boldly face the word. Go out there and grow for a while. Take time to be yourself and not what you believe others might find attractive. Confidence is attractive and that comes with experience and maturity. Things will come to you in time. Be patient. Be strong. Be that Strength Card and be you.

Suggestion by Rachel
As I started typing my answer I went back to re-read the responses so I didn’t just post a duplicate… thankfully I did. pieter U3 said it perfectly! Very beautiful interpretation!!

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  1. Tea says

    In this particular type of question, the Devil card as an outcome indicates that you may be going in a direction that is unhealthy or not the best situation for you.

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