What sites have absolutely free accurate online live tarot card readings?

What sites have absolutely free accurate online live tarot card readings?

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I saw one on facebook. . .

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You can have a complete tarot reading on

www. facade . com


Do not count on it

not to much

The only way you can have a good tarot reding is by [ living ] person and

Yes you wil pay for her service

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Does anyone give free Tarot card readings online.?
My birthday is 10-03-86 and my name Is Jennifer. I had this dream about a grave stone with the date saying 8-26-09 and im a little worried something bad is going to happen that day and was wondering if anyone could give me a reading on that.?

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omg thats my birhtday!!! jk its the 28

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World Tarot Readers does free readings
I know some readers on here I’ll star your question maybe one of them will answer.

Suggestion by Life Is…
This may indicate that you are approaching a transformation in life. Don’t dwell on it as meaning death or something bad. That only gives energy to that belief. There is a lack of detail in this dream. With dream interpretation, people often focus on the “vehicle” rather than the message itself. This dream can mean that you will undergo a life-altering change of belief systems, or foundational concepts, or simply change your mind about an important decision, at or around this time.

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  1. Rev. Lynn D. says

    Normally dreaming of death means that you will be making a transition in your life. It is a new cycle and you may be letting go of some old things to make room for you to hav a fresh start. The date you saw in your dream equals the number 7 which may indicate that you are going to make a big jump spiritually. It also means that you need time to yourself to get in touch with your inner guide.

    Do not let negative thoughts and fear stay in your mind. That will only attract negativity to you.

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