What’s the meaning of a recurring card in Tarot readings?

What’s the meaning of a recurring card in Tarot readings?
After midnight, I gave four “Your year ahead” Tarot readings for four adults with a clean deck and different layouts. In each layout, (different locations) there was a “career” placement or a “what the cards want you to know” placement (a wildcard). In all four readings, the 2 of pentacles showed up in one of those two placements. And yes, I shuffled and shuffled. No other cards were duplicated.

We have been discussing opening a business together in this coming year. One person of the 4 is out of work right now, two have established careers, and one is a young person who is working steady until graduating high school.

What could this card indicate in both the Career position and the Wild Card position?

Suggestion by Queen of the VIRGOS
That card is all about balance. Can be balancing of finances or two opposing forces. In the situation you describe, it could be a balance of career and personal life. That card can also be about taking a risk but a measured risk.

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tarot card: what does this mean? part two?
ok a little while ago i aske about what a card means and i got alot of grief about how you can’t really tell without the whole layout so here it is in order…

VIII justice
I the magician
page of wands (reversed)
VI of cups

so my original question was bout what VI of cups meant but feel free to intrepit the whole setup… thanks!

Suggestion by Dr. Rekhaa Kale
Stop wasting your time…

If you want to know your future, just create it!

These are just ways to find excuses to justify your failures!

Suggestion by Muthu S
Tarot means ‘thoth’= parrot, a bird. this knowledge is lost long ago. It is nothing but a parrot- astrology

Suggestion by WebWeaver
positions used? question asked?
If you just want to know what a card means without any sharing of information, or what is being asked of the cards then go to a site like www.learntarot.com and look up the meaning. That’s about all your going to get posting something like this.

When someone is doing a reading, they are connecting, the person being read, the cards drawn, the question asked, the position meaning of the cards, their own knowledge and understanding, as well as intuition. Everything but the cards drawn is missing in this.

What your asking someone to do is like a friend of yours asks you to tell them what so-and-so meant using the word “dove” in a sentence. Without all the information, and what the whole sentence was you can’t even tell if it’s a bird, or a water activity. All you can do is look it up in a dictionary, which is what you should do; look up the meanings in a book or online.

What do you think? Answer below!

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  1. Jack S says

    What layout did you use?

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