Why do I have so many different lines on my palm?

Why do I have so many different lines on my palm?
There are loads of small lines, and some long lines. But there are soooo many. Most people I talk to about it say they have never seen so many!
The reason why I have categorised it at ‘Religion and Spirituality’ is because I have heard of this thing called palm reading? I don’t know if it represents things that are in my life or in my future? Anyway, any answers would be appreciated!:P

Suggestion by animefreakkatie
The creases make it easier for you to bend your hand. There is no deep meaning behind them.

Suggestion by Sweetvoice
They are about your life and your future. But they don’t matter.

Suggestion by Blaise Rascal
Because you forgot to take off your football helmet before you facepalmed.

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palm reading

Would a psychic be able to read another person through your palms?
In palm reading–can she look into your palms and tell you about your dad or your best friend?

Can she tell you how another person feels about you? That they hate you or love you?

Suggestion by Bongernet
The powers of a psychic are inversely related to their subject’s intelligence. In other words, what a psychic can and cannot do is entirely dependent on how stupid and gullible you are.

Suggestion by Moe Lester
No, because psychics are frauds.

Suggestion by nick366000
Reading your IQ would be easy, that’s for sure…………

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palm reading
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